Water storage Portugal- a few questions

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Water storage Portugal- a few questions

Post by chris-portugal »

Good morning,

I´m currently building a pool in concrete for water storage 10 x 3 x 1,6 deep (48 m3). It could be also used as a swimming pool. No filtration system, no fish, no chemical, just fed by a water source (3000-4000 liters a day).
The water goes in, then overflowing to a small lake to compensate the evaporation (41ºC yesterday !). The pool will always receive fresh water (15ºC from the source - bore hole).

As the water from the source comes from a higher place, I have a 2 bars pression. I will leave a small irrigation tube into the pool so that it will always clean the floor by moving with the pression.

I will also install an airlift, and here are my questions:

1- Can I build this airlift outside the pool ? My understanding is "yes". I just need to have water input and output prepared through the wall in concrete.
2- What are your suggestions regarding the size, the diameter of the air lift ?
3- I´d like to use a solar air pump as well

Thanks alot for your help

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Re: Water storage Portugal- a few questions

Post by Frank »

Hallo Chris,

2 bar are 20 meter, are you sure?

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Re: Water storage Portugal- a few questions

Post by Pssymon »

Hi Chris,

I understand your idea and it makes sense. The water source is extremely useful as it can negate the need for a filter as you say.
Your idea for keeping the floor clean sounds feasible, but I'm not sure about the pressure you stated. That is not my area of expertise, but as Frank said, are you sure that is correct?

My question is, what is the purpose of the airlift you want to build? You already have a functioning system that is continuously provided with clean water. You say this pond overflows into a lake, why the need for an airlift?

To answer your questions:
1: Yes, the easiest way is to build a collector, place it and after that build the airlift that will be placed in the collector.
2: It depends on what the purpose is. What do you want to do exactly? There will be no filter if I understood correctly. If you can give me an estimate of how many litres you want to move per hour I can give suggestions.
3: I have no experience with using solar energy. There is another user who is using solar power to run an airlift. You can contact him or perhaps ask him to reply in this topic.

This is the topic he posted:
viewtopic.php?f=125&t=16016&p=254467&hi ... ar#p254467
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