Pressure of Airpump

Here you will learn the basics of this system.
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Pressure of Airpump

Post by Luis » 06 Oct 2018, 20:33

Dear experienced members, has anybody experience concerning the pressure of an air pump... the folk is focusing on watt and air output but to what extent does the pressure of a pump matter... generally valid: the higher the pressure the higher the price of a pump...
Thanks for qualified answers

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Re: Pressure of Airpump

Post by Pssymon » 10 Oct 2018, 21:50

Good day,

This is a valid point. The Secoh pumps that have been tested by us are relatively expensive pumps that provide higher pressure at depth than most cheaper pumps. If you pump is not suited for proper pressure at depth, the airlift's yield will suffer.
I wish I could tell you which pumps to buy but I cannot run tests yet. Hopefully we will be fully set up next summer so we can share new test results.

Rich Palmisano
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Re: Pressure of Airpump

Post by Rich Palmisano » 22 Oct 2018, 18:55

Generally speaking:

The linear air pump, which for most is the pump of choice for volume, efficiency and cost will range between 3 (40 lpm) and 5 PSI (200 lpm). Prices range anywhere between $200 USD and $800 USD. (What I can find them for anyway via web search here in the USA. I found a used 40 lpm Hiblow model for 115 USD on Ebay). That equates to approximately 6 to 12 feet of head pressure. This being said, water temperature has an effect, as the warmer the water is, the more buoyant it will be.

For this style of pump, it is best to maintain the given parameters of 1.5m (aprox 5') of pump head to obtain maximum efficiency.

Here's a link that explains: ... d_663.html

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