pipe size

Here you will learn the basics of this system.
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pipe size

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask. But here I go, a few questions

If I would use a 65mm pipe, would this still be effective?
How many rows off the 1mm holes should I drill?
What size should my air supply line be?

My pump has a Max Flow Rate 4200 L/Hr, 47W, 0.038MPa
(there are also 5 air stones connected to the same pump)

The airlift will be connected to a 40mm suction grid.

Will this setup work?

Reason I want to use smaller pipe is 1) I have it so wont need to buy new pipe 2) it takes less space in our SWIM pond.

Much appreciated.
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Re: pipe size

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Hi, sorry to have missed your post.

65mm would still work. In general smaller pipe diameters give more potential for lift (so more discharge head) at the cost of total amount of possible flow.
On an airlift that size I'm not sure how many holes would be ideal. I would use the same principle we use on the 110mm pipes but start with only one row. Ideally you could build two pressure chambers and add holes until your airlift performs as needed. If performance drops after adding more holes, you know how many you need to drill in your second chamber.

As far as I know, air supply line size does not really matter.

Dividing the flow between five air stones and one airlift could be very difficult. I wouldn't recommend doing that in general, but you can always try.
Could you give some more details on what you mean by the suction grid?
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