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Hello Guys,

I'm wanna build a Hydroponic System 3m High with a PV with 12V to power the air pump. Do you thing that it works to pumping water?
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Re: Hydroponic

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From your comment on Youtube I was not sure what you wanted to achieve.
Thank you for providing the drawing, I understand now.

You are not the first to ask about a system like this, and first of all, you are welcome to share or ask anything regarding these systems here.
However, we do not work with these types of Airlifts. What you are trying to achieve is pumping small amounts of water through a small diameter pipe with great discharge head.

We specialise in using Airlifts to run pond filters, which means we need zero discharge head, and large diameters to accomodate high flow rates.
I have seen systems similar to what you have drawn, I have no experience with them though, so I don't know how this system will perform and what pump you need.

Maybe we will be able to help you in the future, but at this point, neither me or Marc (the other admin) can help you with this I'm afraid.

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