No collector direct bury airlift

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No collector direct bury airlift

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How many people are not using a collector or deep well and just connect both ends of the airlift to pipe and bury to get the correct depth? Are they making the air holes bigger to eliminate the possibility of plugging?

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Re: No collector direct bury airlift

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Good day,

I'm not aware of anyone doing this.
I would expect that connecting the Airlift directly to another (110) pipe at the bottom will be a bottleneck for the Airlift. That may seem like an odd statement, but the Airlift needs 110mm transits at the minimum already. In most applications multiple, or bigger transits are used since any bend in a system will cause drag. That is why connecting the minimum required diameter pipe directly, with a couple of bends in the system will most likely lower your efficiency. It's hard to tell by how much.
And while it takes a long time, Airlifts can still clog in some cases. That would be very problematic in this scenario.
Drilling larger air holes to prevent this might help, but this will lower your efficiency even more.

You could test this but I expect that the negative aspects will outweigh the positives.


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