Airlift Manifold Design

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Airlift Manifold Design

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Good day everyone,

I'm trying to design an Airlift manifold. I've seen some amazing work on this forum and I'd like to see if I can add anything myself.

Not exactly sure how it will be made but I may try 3D printing for some smaller versions.

Below are a few topics relating to the design.
I would appreciate your input for some design considerations so if you have anything to say about these topics your comments it would be great to hear:

Diameter of airlifts that would be useful?

Target flow rates?

Size of nozzle for the air line to attach to on the manifold?

I will probably go with 1mm radial holes for the air flow, possibly combined with axial flow above the radial holes. Depending on what the designer thinks I may suggest some air being injected to the centre of the pipe via a smaller pipe. If i go for 3d printing this should be possible. If anyone has any thoughts on the method of delivering the air would be good.

Thanks everyone

All the best
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Re: Airlift Manifold Design

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Sounds like a great idea. I have some suggestions for sure.
My question is, do you have any way to test flowrates?
Designing pressure chambers or membrane disk/shower head designs is only really worthwhile if we can test or compare the results.

In case you are eager to get started, I can give you some suggestions on what I would try.

- The diameter we like to use is 110mm. I would suggest working with this diameter, or larger, as this seems to be the sweet spot for good flow rates and low energy consumption.
- The target flow rates are difficult to determine. We have gotten results of 15000 liter per hour and 20000 liter per hour with the pressure chamber design. I think the design we use could be improved. I don't expect huge gains in performance though, but it would be interesting to see what certain changes would yield.
- I would stick with the diameter we use, 20mm.

I have some more ideas, please let me know if you are able to work with these diameters as that is vital for pond use.
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