Airlift to move water horizontally

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Airlift to move water horizontally

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I want to move my pond water about 10 meters horizontally bringing it from one end of the pond to the other
The airlift would inject air at 1.70m deep and my goal is the have the water flow 10 meters and arrive at the surface at the other side of the pool.
But for esthetics I would rather have the water flow deep rather than close to the surface (ie: around 70cm deep instead of 10 cm deep: I do not want a PVC pipe to be seen all along the pond).

- Where should the air chimney be? Close to the air injection, at mid point or towards the end (where the water exits)?
- Should I do a gradual slope from -170cm to -10cm or is a big chimney advisable and then a horizontal pipe at 70cm deep?

Many thanks!
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Re: Airlift to move water horizontally

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I'm not understanding what you want to do exactly. Could you share a drawing? Or elaborate?
If you want to use an airlift to move water over a distance of 10 meters horizontally, the only way I can think of is to build a standard pressure chamber model, use it in the same way as you usually would (outlet about 5cm below water level) and add 10 meters of 110mm pvc pipe that is completely horizontal.

The main problem here would be that 10 meters is a really long distance and your efficiency would probably be significantly lower.
The airlift itself always has to be vertical, using it at an angle will hurt performance.

If you want to keep the outlet and the long pipe 70cm below water level, this may be possible but then your rising pipe will effectively only be one meter tall, also hurting performance. I think the best option for this approach would be to make the Airlift 170cm long and placing it around 2,4 meters deep in your collector. Create an inlet at 70cm below water level, add the T-pieces but glue in pipes that are 70+cm tall so they reach above water level.
In theory this approach should work but I would have to check with Marc to be sure before you would try building this, as it's a very unusual setup.
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