110mm airpump specifications

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110mm airpump specifications

Post by fattony »

Hi I am just about to start building an airlift pump @ 110mm dia & I would really appreciate some advice!
On the test results page I see a pump of 1.45m gains good results so I plan to build one of this size.

I am unclear if the size quoted of 1.45m is the total size of the pump including the T’s or is it
Referring to the size of the vertical pipe?

Also I would appreciate further clarification on the hole pattern for the pressure chamber.
I see some posts referring to 3 rows & others mention just 2 rows, this seems like a critical detail.

º º º º º º º º º
º º º º º º º º
º º º º º º º º º

Please can you confirm the correct spacing & size of the holes…

Spacing between holes?
Spacing between rows?
Number of rows?
Size of holes?

Kind regards
Thanks for any assistance you can offer.
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Re: 110mm airpump specifications

Post by kokobongo »

Hello, I would like to also ask for the answer...
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Re: 110mm airpump specifications

Post by Marcje »

fattony wrote: 06 May 2021, 03:24 Spacing between holes? 10mm
Spacing between rows? 10mm
Number of rows? at least 4 for air pump 20 liters
Size of holes? 0,5 à 1 mm

Sorry, my english is bad :oops:
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