Small update

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Small update

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Good day,

As some of you may have noticed I haven't been able to keep up with the forum for a while. Usually I try to get to any new messages in a timely manner, at the minimum, while I'm preparing for new content. I have a number of airlift related projects going on but I've had to put them on hold due to circumstances out of my control. Aside from that, I have been very busy working at my job for the past months where we had to prepare and relocate the entire company with a very limited number of people. It looks like things are settling down now so I will have some more time on my hands again.

I will do my best to finish (and fix) some topics on the site. I have had a schedule in my head for a long time now on what to upload and what to work on in conjunction with my own projects but I will rethink that and shelve my projects for the time being.

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