Natural swimming pool

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Natural swimming pool

Post by lido »

I am currently building a large natural swimming pool. There will be NO fish/ ducks etc
I'm hoping that someone here can give me some advice.

First I better describe what a natural swimming pool is.
Its a pool that uses plants to clean the water rather than chlorine. Half the surface area is used to grow the water plants and half is the swimming area. The pools size is approximately 33m long by 20m wide. The swimming area is 1.3m deep, 27m long and 6m wide and the plant zone is on average 35cm deep. Total volume of water is approximately 430 cubic meters.

Beneath the plants in the shingle is a 100mm pipe with holes that will take the clean water back to the airlift and from the airlift the water will flow over the surface.

My question is now mush extra oxygen does the standard airlift generate and how and long should it take to recycle the volume of the pool, remembering that there is no fish in the pool. I'm guessing 12 hours sounds about right, but it is just a guess.

Also if there is anyone out there that has used an airlift in a natural swimming pool I'd love to hear about it.

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Re: Natural swimming pool

Post by Pssymon »

Welcome Lido,

I understand your idea, I'm familiar with swimming ponds as we call them. I'm not sure I really understand your system though. Could you share some drawings if you have them?

About your questions; An Airlift should dissolve roughly the same amount of oxygen in the water as the pump that's powering it would with an airdisk.
Why is this important to you? As there will be no fish in the pond.

I'm thinking your design will be simple and there will be no bottlenecks to limit the Airlift. In that case you should be able to get 20.000 litres an hour. With a 430.000 litre pond it will take 21,5 hours to cycle the pond.

I have not used an Airlift in a natural pool sadly, but I do think it's a good idea and easier to implement compared to a stocked pond with a gravitational filter.

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