Recommended Pump

Here you will learn the basics of this system.
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Recommended Pump

Post by PA_PondGuy »

Tested my airlift system and determined that 15 lbs of pressure would be required to lift the water 9 inches. This system will be returning the water back to the pond after filtering.
Need help understanding what size air pump would be required that would equal 15 lbs of constant pressure. Like to keep the watts as low as possible. Thanks ahead.

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Re: Recommended Pump

Post by bryanangler »

My understanding is the optimal pump that would give you the most liters per watt for an airlift was the Secoh SLL-20. Unfortunately that pump is no longer made. Apparently there is another pump, the JDK-30, that might have similar performance, but I haven't seen any tests like those that exist for the SLL-20.

Also, I am in the USA like you, and unfortunately I can't find anywhere in the US that you can buy the Secoh JDK-30. The smallest i can find is the JDK-40 here in the states. If you manage to find a place to buy a JDK-30 in the USA, please let us know!

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Re: Recommended Pump

Post by Rich Palmisano » ... d_663.html

Here's some data about head pressure. You can match the output of specific linear pumps to the requirements you need.

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Re: Recommended Pump

Post by Frank »

Check out the FujiMACs in the US, they are high efficient.


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