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Rich Palmisano

Postby Rich Palmisano » Wed 22 Aug 2018, 17:47:30


My name is Rich, I'm from Jacksonville, Florida and I'm beginning an aquaponics setup for vegetables. I have done extensive research on the subject of aquaponics and the components and found...THE MOST EXPENSIVE PORTION IS RUNNING THE SYSTEM AND ENERGY COSTS. This lead me to discovering air lifts and air pumps. I found that for minimal input you can move massive amounts of water and I am planning on implementing an airlift system for my aquaponic grow system.

I appreciate your videos and the tutorials. I find this pump not only intriguing but it appears effective enough to move water through grow beds, tanks, etc. all the while oxygenating the water along the way. I just today bought a Hiblow HP40, a very well known and rugged pump off Ebay used. It's in great condition (even if I have to do a refurb kit, I'm stealing this...) and will soon start building my system. I will share my progress when it starts.
Rich Palmisano
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Re: Rich Palmisano

Postby Pssymon » Mon 27 Aug 2018, 20:21:30

Hey Rich.

Thanks for joining us. I'm interested to see how you will use airlift in your system.
I think you chose a good pump, I've heard of these pumps but I have no personal experience. I'm guessing it's 40W? That should be more than enough for a single airlift.
Looking forward to seeing your progress!
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