Airlift pump for irregation

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Airlift pump for irregation

Post by slimyosra » 15 Nov 2018, 01:43

Hello / Hoi / Bonjour
I live in a region in Tunisia where water is not available in abondance and electricity is not available :dash: . I am building a 200m3 water retention reservoir (or if I can call it pond, as I planning to put some fish on it ). The water will be collected in winter from rain to be used in summer. The retention reservoir is located at the lowest point of the parcel to collect the rain water. Now I need move and lift that water up hill for a distance of 60 meter and with an elevation of 10 meter to reach the irrigation system.
Do you think the airlift pump will pump ?
Thank you in advance for your input

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Re: Airlift pump for irregation

Post by Pssymon » 16 Nov 2018, 20:07


I'm sorry to say that it will be absolutely impossible. 10 meters is about a hundred times too much discharge head. You would need an 'Airlift staircase' each pumping 10cm higher to achieve this. And that would mean using 100 Airlifts. At horrible efficiency levels.

I'm afraid that the ground rule has to be respected in this case. Which is: Absolutely no discharge head for the best performance. If you start adding discharge head in your system you lose the major benefit of the Airlift.

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