Hole size and bubble size.

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Hole size and bubble size.

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My airlift is in a lake and I'm suffering with naturals blocking up the air holes in the base of the chamber. I must add that my system is off grid, running on solar panel roughly 14 hours a day.
When I made my first air lift 18 months ago I drilled three rows of 0.7mm holes thinking fine holes would create more bubbles inducing more lift. But recently I've heard an American guy describing the bubbles going up the airlift as slugs and stating the bigger the bubbles the better the lift.

Can someone on the board please clarify this.

I've also got access to 120lpm charles austen air pump and capacity to run it during summer months & back to hiblow xp60 during winter.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Hole size and bubble size.

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I would advise to use 1mm holes. Usually it's recommended to clean the holes once a year to prevent blockage. Your issue may also be caused by the fact that the airlift does not run constantly. Causing the holes to gather particles, algae, insect eggs and so on during the downtime. I would suggest to use a battery to store energy and have your pump run through the night as well. Also, 120lpm sounds like overkill to me. What kind of airlift are you running? 110mm? I would not suggest using any pump over 40W with a 110mm pressure chamber airlift.
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